This week’s good reads

This evening I had the pleasure of sitting on my never-sat-on garden sun lounger for five minutes as I cooked the kids tea, followed by a Pokemon hunt along the coastal path (with ice cream), topped off with a spot of bellringing practice and then an unexpected evening kip. None of this stuff happens often. It was a rare and lovely moment of normality, much needed by this stressy little hamster. Bring on my summer week off – it can’t come too soon.

In the meantime however, I’ve been doing other v.v. exciting Transparency Project related stuff (I can’t tell you yet or I’d have to kill you and that would be a shame), and generally continuing The Transparency Project stuff. It is a sad fact these days that by the time I’ve done my work work, done my Transparency Project work, grabbed my minimum number of Zees and spent a teeny bit of time pretending to be a member of my own family there is less space for Pink Tape than there was. But don’t think I’m not writing or blogging, cos I am.

  • Counsel Magazine have just published my interview with Philip Marshall, chair of the Family Law Bar Association here : Family Keystone (yes, it does contain an obligatory bit on transparency).
  • With my Transparency Project hat on I recently published this post on the outcome of our Freedom of Information Act request to the MoJ in respect of anonymisation errors in judgments following on from the 2014 Transparency Guidance : The state of transparency: what happens when anonymisation safeguards fail?. Let us say simply that since April when I first started asking questions about this stuff this has taken a significant amount of time and effort to see through. My recent Guardian article on the topic can be found here.
  • Myself, Sarah Phillimore (@svphillimore) and Andrew Pack (@suesspiciousmin) are talking in the autumn about the lessons we might learn from the Ellie Butler case at an event put on by London Resolution. We’ve been writing about the Ellie Butler case over on The Transparency Project, and Sarah Phillimore wrote this piece yesterday : Lessons from the Ellie Butler case.

I suppose if all of that leaves you still at a loose end, wondering about your poolside summer read, you could always read the Briggs Review Final Report (out today) or the Bar Council response to the interim report…And no, I don’t have the time or the stomach to read it and precis it for you in a blog. Will someone let me know if they work out what it means for family courts?

Oh, and if you haven’t already do please consider sponsoring me to raise funds for The Transparency Project through my almost certainly doomed attempt to run the Bristol Half Marathon in September. It was all going swimmingly until my left leg decided to complain loudly whenever I run. I’m still plugging away, trying to move forwards on my training plan but if I am going to permanently knacker my leg for the sake of a bit of sponsor money the least you can do is fork out. No pressure…but the Justgiving link is here.

School Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when I realise I’m another year older already (yay, happy birthday me), the days are getting shorter already, I haven’t fallen asleep in the sun yet this summer, and I really, really need a holiday. The school holidays have begun. And I’m still trogging off to work in the morning…*sigh*

For the next six weeks my children will be perpetually semi-naked or dressed only in pyjamas, grubby, grazing, glassy eyed from going to bed at ridiculous times and complaining of boredom at 5 minute intervals…(that’s what summer’s all about, right?). Wet, sandy, muddy footprint trails all through the house from the back door. Every. frickin. day. Lego and discarded drawings everywhere you move…empty wrappers and cartons strewn around the place…ice lolly fingerstreaks up the stairs…

I am counting down to the camping trip. When dirt does not matter and routines don’t exist (except the insane insistence on waking up at the crack of a sparrow’s fart). And there are no walls or carpets to trash. And when my mobile phone does not work and my emails can go blissfully unread.

That’s it. I have nothing of any significance to say…