13.1 is the lucky number

I did it! I am now struggling to walk or even more more than my fingertips, but I did manage my half marathon today in just over 2 1/2 hrs, and i would have done it quicker if I wasn’t busy having a mini-asthma attack every time I felt a bit emotional (which was every five minutes after about 10 miles) (I don’t suffer from asthma, but hey it was a day of firsts). I’ve raised £550 plus gift aid for Women’s Aid, but if you want to help me top up that balance you know what you gotta do: www.justgiving.com/lucyreed

PS: Although I have been referred to as Lucy ‘Elizabeth’ Reed (which I’m not) I can now see my official results on the marathon website – I came in number 8907 of about 15,000 at 2h34m49s. YAY!!!

One thought on “13.1 is the lucky number

  1. Damn. I take it this means you are keeping my money. Between you and my colleague, I’m down a pony.

    But seriously, well done and congratulations.

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