7 mile itch

Ran 5 miles on Fri and 7.3 miles today. I am now icing my aching knees…Took just under 1 1/2 hrs and I am cream crackered. Got completely soaked at the start and ran most of the route blind with my glasses on top of my head relying on my brother to spot traffic, but half way around it cleared up and the sun came out and we passed some beautiful views. Plus today we covered more than half of the total race distance and I managed to run for a full 40 mins before pausing for a walk, and overall its the longest stint of exercise I’ve done – so I’m pretty buoyed up. I’ve also (finally) lost a couple of pounds – unbelievably I’ve only lost four pounds since I started training and half of that has been simply a result of going back to work.


I now have five weeks (yikes) to train myself up to 13 miles – I’ve had to abandon my training plan because work keeps messing it up, but if I aim to add a mile a week I’ll be on 11 miles by the weekend before the race and hopefully 13.1 miles should be manageable on the day.

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