a grand day out

Whilst out for a run first thing on Monday morning along the seafront (baby safely at home with grandma and grandpa) I passed probably 20 sets of grandparents out with their grandkids – crabbing with bacon on a string off the slip, haring around on the field lobbing a tennis ball for grannies jack russel or buzzing along the prom with the pushchair. it’s the last week of the summer hols and I only saw one mum and dad out with a buggy…I guess those press reports about just how much our generation relies on the GPs for childcare have a point. I betcha if I go out for a run next Monday it’ll be nothing but granddads and grandmas with their feet up on the benches and a face full of a 99…(unless its raining of course).


What would we do without ’em?

One thought on “a grand day out

  1. The Curious Black Cat

    Hahah fantastic imagery! Sure there’s some truth in that

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