a marathon week

Well, this has been (is) my first week back at work properly and I must say combining full day court hearings with breast pumps at lunch and marathon training in the evening is proving tricky. Haven’t had time to run in the evenings so far, but managed almost 4 miles this evening. The plus points: made 26 1/4 mins without a walking break (YES the quarter minute MATTERS) and made it to a total of 45 mins with only 2 x 2 minute walking breaks. That is a major improvement on where I have been and considering I’m only making it out every 3 or 4 days at present I’m pleased. But I AM worried I won’t make it to target i.e. 13.1 miles by mid September…


Because my hours are so unpredictable at work my running partner (my brother) is having to run without me and he is streaks ahead of me in the fitness stakes. I need to try and pick up the pace so I don’t hold him back too much. And soon we will have to have ‘the talk’ about whether or not he will wait for me when I conk out half way round on the big day…..


Not that I suppose its going to persuade any of you to get your purse out, but it would be a lot easier to remember why the hell I’m doing this if you’d all actually go and sponsor me instead of just PROMISING to do it 😉

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