almost half way there…almost half dead….

Went for a 4 1/2 mile run on Sat with my brother – the furthest yet. The Boxing Day run as its known round here is pretty much flat or downhill apart from one monster of a hill (Holly Lane) in the middle. In the event I made it around the whole thing with only 2 stops on Holly Lane AND we added some extra laps onto the end and made it to 6 MILES!!! WOW. Wasn’t expecting that. But I am still feeling the after effects, and I have been tackling the stairs like a lopsided giraffe. And the knee on my clutch leg was making an interesting popping noise every time I changed gear this morning. However, another busy week ahead so I may slip back a little. We plan to do a 5 mile run to Yatton on Saturday, stopping for a drink and a breather at the pub with the family and then, if we are up to it, do the 5 miles back. We’ll see….

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