Court of Protection Secrecy Challenged by Press

The Guardian posts an interesting piece about the Court of Protection and quite serious unlawful conduct by a Local Authority towards a vulnerable young man in their care: breach of right left right and centre and unlawful imprisonment. The Press Association understandably want to report on this and identify the Local Authority in question, but as with children proceedings they are prevented from doing so (albeit under a different legal framework). This affords the apparently rather badly behaved LA a certain – unwarranted – protection.

The article is here.

POST SCRIPT: HT to M Dodd for alerting me to the judgment permitting identification of the Local Authority as Manchester City Council. The Judgment is not yet available on Bailii, but you can download it here.

2 thoughts on “Court of Protection Secrecy Challenged by Press

  1. So not only do L.As take children, they rob off people of their things too.

  2. Radio 4’s File on 4 programme last evening took a critical look at the Court of Protection’s failure properly to protect the financial assets of a young man who had been awarded a large sum in damages and at the further erosion of his finances by what seemed unduly high charges by the solicitors involved in his case.

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