divorce on the up

Reported today (on our local radio station at least) was news that divorce is on the up again. anecdotally ancillary relief work is thin on the ground. much amusing speculation by random people off the streets about the reasons for the rates going up, largely ‘the econermy’ or ‘the credit crunch’…I’d be surprised if the stats covering the period since the start of the credit crunch are yet available AND I’m also sceptical that people’s first or instant reaction to economic downturn is ‘right I’m ditching the other half’ especially when it involves selling the house in a totally becalmed market and finding the money for a lawyer when everyone is worried about losing their job…Clearly difficult times make for unhappy home life and strain on relationships but could it REALLY be materially affecting published divorce rates already??????

2 thoughts on “divorce on the up

  1. This is a difficult one to provide a definitive answer on as some reports are saying that divorce is likely to go down as people opt to stay together because of finances whereas Divorce-Online are extremely busy,up by nearly 40% on 2007.

    Whether people are deciding to go the lower cost route or there are more people wanting a divorce remains to be seen, however divorce rates went up in the 90’s recession for a few years before they headed ever downwards. perhaps rates do follow the economic cycle?

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