Family Legal Aid – A Glimmer of Hope

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, and I am feeling optimistic. Maybe its just the heady scent of daffodils and the twirting of blackbirds from my ever so soggy garden, but yes, things seem to be looking up. Perhaps I spy the ‘green shoots of recovery’ to steal a trendy pseudo-economics buzzphrase.

The LSC has acknowledged that its proposals were ‘too simple’. Understatement of the year so far.

The Family Justice Council, Association of Lawyers for Children, Law Society, Legal Aid Practitioners’ Group and the Family Law Bar Association all chorused harmoniously in opposition to the proposed scheme in their various consultation responses, like a chorus of mouthy blackbirds. And of a remarkable 1500 responses received, over 70% were from the family bar. Glad to see we are finally fearlessly defending our own corner instead of someone else’s for a change. Plucky little blackbirds we.

It is likely that by May reworked proposals will be emerging for all to see and gaze at in wonderment. You know how things pop up in the border at this time of year and you’ve no idea what they are at first, until all of a sudden – WHAM – and that little shoot tip poking up is a giant something or other. You hope not a giant weed that will strangle everything else. I have that sense of expectant trepidation. What is this green shoot of hope going to turn into?

And, the ‘Best Value Tendering’ Consultation scheduled for Spring 2009 is shelved. Who could have managed another consultation just yet? No thanks, I’m full.

So, all in all looking up. But there may yet be some late frosts. And the temperature is sure to rise again in the coming months.

Strained metaphor ENDS.

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