Feelin’ Anti-Social

Just taking a break from Sunday night work…thinking back over my weekend I realise I worked most of Friday evening, some of Sat morning, a couple of hours this morning and now am back at it. Have managed to do most of my work when baby is in bed but some weekends it’s a challenge fitting in family time around paperwork. Perk of the job I suppose. Irritatingly I was quite quiet last week but none of my paperwork for next week came in until late so its all had to be squished into the weekend, in between doing the roast potatoes and babysitting for the niece and nephew and about six loads of washing. It’s just a feature of the job, but it’s not until there’s a third person in the equation that it starts getting tricky – him indoors needs a break from the demands of Mr Mommy-ness and I’ve been holed up with a stack of lever arch files. Glad it’s Monday tomorrow – I need a break 😉

P.S. May not post much this week as it looks likely to be pretty busy…

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