fundamentally wrong

Last night’s tv involved (apart from the footy) a Louie Theroux style documentary about a fundamentalist christian group who, amongst other things were behind the unsuccessful McClintock tribunal case (magistrate refusing to place children in the care system with same sex couples – see previous post).


More upsetting than the crackers views espoused by this group, and their plain ill temper in response to the documentary makers perfectly reasonable questions was the way the organisation’s public policy director, a barrister,  was completely unable to fearlessly defend (or defend at all) the church’s beliefs or activities. When asked a basic question about the contradictions between science / evidence and her religious dogma she simply switched off her mic or asked to turn off the camera. She didn’t even try to argue the point or fall back on the ‘faith’ explanation. Nothing. Apparently she gave up her career at the bar to support the`church. Just as well. But I don’t think she’ll be winning many converts.

2 thoughts on “fundamentally wrong

  1. Funny, I found them all to be perfectly reasonable people – see my post from a couple of days ago. 😉

  2. you mean this post: which helpfully gives the details of the programme I was talking about….

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