Gingerbread Contact Survey…and a little philosophy

Gingerbread’s website was down today when I went to find this report, so I’m linking to the post on Divorce Survivor which attaches the report itself and summarises some of the stats (its 140+ pages long).

I got distracted by something half way through reading this, but what struck me was the discrepant reporting as between resident and non-resident parents. To me this is symptomatic of the fundamentally different perspectives that separated couples come from. Different experiences of the same reality. Clients often find it hard to understand that there are multiple truths, or at least different versions of events which do not involve a simple binary: truth or lie. Clients often want to know why a disbelieved opposing party isn’t prosecuted for perjury. Because whilst some disputes of fact have at root a lie, most have at root a profound misunderstanding – of the other person involved, and of how my behaviour affects you. If only it were as simple as truth and lie, right and wrong, winner and loser…

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