Karma-ing right back at ya

It may have been good from the perspective of my client that I managed to completely dismantle the evidence of an inexperienced expert witness in the space of 10 minutes of extraordinary cross examination (more due to the extraordinary answers than the brilliance of my questions it should be said) and it may have been good from the same perspective that this led to the metaphorical judicial shredding of the report complete with its adverse recommendations, but it did not feel good to leave a young, part-qualified student witness visibly upset after her first experience of report writing and of giving evidence. The bad karma has been following me around ever since like my shadow (getting on the wrong train, getting shouted at by the Judge, laddering tights, dropping lunch on the floor of the train, tripping up steps, computers conspiring against me – you know the kind of thing). Can I get an uplift on my graduated fee for that?

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