Yes I hit the wall at the weekend. I made a sorry sight on the treadmill in our hotel in Winchester, red as a beetroot and having to stop every km for a break. I managed 10k which I was rather disappointed to learn is only 6 miles. But that was the day after a wedding and a fried breakfast. And I don’t think treadmills are an easy place to cover a long distance.


But YESTERDAY I wowed myself. 11 Miles. I forgot to change into my sportsbra and ended up with backache and I had stomach cramps much of the way round (disagreeable sandwich at lunch) and had to stop for an emergency loo break at a garage at 10 miles but I still did it. Sorry for the details but I’m so proud I did it at all let alone when I wasn’t feeling on top form.


However, following that major physical exertion and after being woken every 3 hours by the baby (I KNOW he can go 8 hours but has decided not to) today I have felt utterly pathetic ALL day. Just about recovering now.


Now all I have to do is prep two hearings for tomorrow before bed…

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