let the discussion commence – or be postponed at any rate…

I seem to have generated a certain amount of interest from supporters of F4J and related organisations who have adopted a scattergun approach to commenting on various of the entries in this blog. It’s quite overtaken my bank holiday weekend, but I suppose its self inflicted – some people can’t resist the bait (myself included).

Anyhoo, I regret to inform anyone who might care that I will actually have to do some work this week for actual real clients (who may be both male and female, although probably not both at the same time), and can’t indulge in idle chit-chat on my blog all week. Hopefully said fathers will not take this ill. But a person can only respond to so many politely provocative comments at one time if she is to have any hope at all of remembering her client’s name when she gets to court. 

In the meantime F4J can delight in the knowledge that I will be spending every spare minute perusing their Blueprint document now I’ve finally located it… And judging from the page on which I found said document said father’s can quite happily occupy themselves for a while arguing amongst themselves without relying on me for target practice.

 So as I so often counsel my frustrated dad clients – patience…

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