Since I am sitting at my rather jazzy new hotdesk (well, its not really ‘mine’ or it wouldn’t be a hot desk just a desk) twiddling the preverbials – now seems to be a good time to post. But I am not enormously inspired and nothing actually useful springs to mind. So you’ll have to make do with my Monday afternoon musings…


It is one of the major frustrations of this job that no matter how organised you are with your time, and no matter how much you plan and prepare (or plan to prepare) you always end up with moments like this afternoon, followed by much frantic reading and sticky noting of large amounts of late-arriving papers and court bundles. It is always the way – yes, I can manage to prepare all my work for this week in good time and without resorting to midnight reading marathons if (BIG IF) my papers arrive as promised on Monday. And of course they don’t. Hard as it is, especially when there are pressing things back at home that you could be getting on with if you weren’t stuck doing not a lot at work, it’s the way of the world and we have to live with it…


Besides, I know I should treasure these rare moments when I actually genuinely have nothing to do. It has given me time to catch up with a few other bits of information and read the latest family blawg posts. Good to see Jacqui G is back (Hi Jacqui). She posts about how lovely her clients have been lately – that has a real resonance for me, having only just got back on my feet in a completely new area. Its been only two weeks and perhaps I have come back with an overdose of positivity but everyone here in the West Country has also been truly lovely: from the opponent who lent me a tenner when I ordered coffee without any money, to the colleague in chambers who took me around and introduced me to all my oppos at court, to the opponent who took me back to chambers and booked me a conference room so I didn’t have to express breastmilk in the disabled loo in Bristol County Court, to the young mum who gave me a heartfelt ‘thanks’ (it doesn’t happen so often) after a really long day at court contesting an application for an interim care order, and the solicitor who emailed to say she was pleased with my work, to the courteous, patient and sensitive judges who I have encountered, and the court staff who let me hog the disabled loo all lunch break with my breast pump and then kept my milk in the fridge with their sandwiches all afternoon. Thanks for making it all so much easier.


Loveliest of all though is the baby and hubby I will go back to – just as soon as these wretched papers arrive!!

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