LSC Loses JR – more info

The LSC is ‘considering its options’ following Moses J’s judgment yesterday that the family legal aid tender process was unlawful. You betcha it is. As pointed out by Nearly Legal here there are a myriad of potential consequences and knock on effects to this decision and one suspects more litigation in one shape or form is on the horizon, whether by way of appeal, piggyback judicial reviews in relation to other areas like housing or social welfare, or other legal actions by those ‘successful’family  bidders who are now left in the lurch as a result of the JR.

I can’t find the judgment on BAILII yet, but it should be posted on their New Cases of Interest page here first.

Other info: Law Society Gazette, Solicitors Journal, and this morning’s excruciatingly short press release from the LSC, which hints at an appeal.

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