No Surprises There Then

Took a trip to London this week and in the process missed both the evidence given on behalf of the family bar by FLBA Chair Susan Jacklin QC (and others) to the Justice Committee in the course of their LASPO enquiry and a chance to attend the open court hearing of the Ashya King case.

Ah well.

You can catch up with the evidence given by the FLBA and others on Parliament TV here, and read about the concerns expressed by – well, all of them – in a raft of articles in the Gazette and elsewhere. In short, it’s been a bit of a disaster since LASPO. As I say – no surprises there then.

And as for Ashya King – I have blogged about some of the issues raised to a limited extent on the Transparency Project blog (as has Suesspicious Minds) and I don’t propose to say any more. Far too much media frenzy and misinformation already…

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