now just do that again three more times….

ok – made it round a 3 1/2 mile quite hilly loop last night, although not without a few walking breaks. 42 mins…I wasn’t on best form and when I got back I looked like my head was going to explode BUT its the furthest I’ve gone so far, the longest time I’ve been out for AND its MORE than a quarter of the total half marathon (just) [note to self: always feed the baby just before you go out so you don’t have to launch straight into breastfeeding on your return whilst trying to avoid myocardial infarction / cramp / head exploding etc]. So I’m quite pleased really, particularly since I REALLY didn’t feel like going out at all and nearly gave up after five minutes…


Unfortunately work is now likely to intervene and set me back as I’ve got my first proper day back on Monday but I suppose I’m in a far better position having achieved 3 1/2 miles than I would have been if I went back to work on less.

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