Private Law – one swing and a roundabout

The downturn in private law applications is definitely starting to look like a trend. Another month of figures lower than the same time last year (9%). And take a look at the table here – there is clear blue water between that red line (this year) and any other year shown.

On the plus side, the Gudanaviciene JR has been upheld. This was a batch of immigration cases, but the key point for our purposes is that the Lord Chancellor’s guidance on s10 LASPO has been held to be unlawful. As reported in the Telegraph, the Ministry remains unrepentant, saying through a spokesperson that “We continue to believe that the exceptional funding scheme is functioning as intended. Its purpose is to provide funding where it is legally needed.”

4 thoughts on “Private Law – one swing and a roundabout

  1. The Court of Protection name should be changed to the Court of Destruction as they collude with unlawfulness, barbarian methods and disproportionateness.

    From Judges to LA’s, to ISW and OS. They should all be shot or better yet GASSED as Hitler did.

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