Punishing the Victim

This news story about the imprisonment of a woman giving testimony about an alleged rape does not make happy reading. It appears that the Scottish judge imprisoned her for contempt of court when she objected to questions about her sexual history and broke down in the witness box, unable to continue. I find it hard to imagine the circumstances in which this could have been helpful or productive, but no doubt we will find out in due course when the investigation into her complaint is concluded. It certainly will do nothing to boost the low conviction rates or to encourage other women to come forward. I wonder what preparation the witness was given? I would have thought that she ought to have been made aware that she was likely to have been asked questions of that order prior to the case being proceeded with.

2 thoughts on “Punishing the Victim

  1. wouldn’t “victim” require some sort of proof that she had been raped ? Like maybe convicting the man in a court, instead of charges being dropped ?

  2. After many years of observing the way the Patriarchal legal system is run, I have come to the conclusion that this old system is really there to make sure women and children are kept as possessions of the Patriarch.

    The patriarchal system does not want women to be really free.

    So, she is so shocked in court to find that first she has been raped by a man and now the system is raping HER SOUL and destroying her very being.

    This has been going on for 5,000 years.

    Helena Kennedy QC also illustrates how true this is.

    One day, I decided to ask why convicted male abusers got custody and why protective mothers were often written out of children’s lives?

    The answer will always remain in my mind- ” because the authoritarian parent is the best one to keep children under control for the system”

    And the best way to keep control is through abuse and fear.

    It mainly stems from the Roman church and its brainwashing tactics which have kept millions under control for thousands of years.

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