Quite (Un)interesting

So today I was not sure whether to be disappointed that no journalists were queueing outside the family proceedings court waiting to watch and report on my efforts at wading through thick soup. No, we were not quite interesting enough for them to brave the Monday morning April showers, the WRVS Coffee or the anti-sleep bench seating in the waiting area. I would bet my legal aid slush fund that none of my colleagues saw a journalist today either, in spite of today being implementation day for the rule changes that allow media access. The papers are far to full with stories about the bees dying, the death of the local newspaper industry and swine flu already, and there are more attractive stories to chase...


On the way back from said soup run, I noticed the Guardian has finally picked up on the story, reporting the rule changes I thought rather inaccurately (suggesting that there had been a blanket ban on reporting (there wasn’t) which has now been lifted (in fact nothing has changed as far as reporting is concerned, apart from the political context in which the pre-existing discretion will now be exercised) conflating media access with reporting rights. Also see Guardian Online commentary here. (you see it’s not just The Times I grumble about).

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