Right to education for children of migrant workers

Nearly Legal flags up new guidance following two judgments in the European Court concerning the rights of the children of migrant workers to education. This is important because where the right exists the parent and primary carer of the child will be entitled to benefits and homelessness assistance that they might otherwise not have been able to access. This is not the sort of stuff you want to read for fun unless you really need to get to grips with the issues for the benefit of a particular client (and I don’t so I haven’t), but do be aware that these judgments may give clients in a vulnerable financial position access to financial and other assistance that a local authority / benefits agency might have refused them in the past.

5 thoughts on “Right to education for children of migrant workers

  1. that’s why ya need to work in a law centre! had to research these and associated uk case law and european references for 3 clients in one week with issues around that.

    • Sounds like fun ;-). Anyone who works in a lawcentre deserves massive amounts of respect and three times as much pay as they are probably getting. I haven’t worked in a lawcentre for many years (Lambeth), but I still remember how committed (and worn out) everyone was. I don’t think I was much help to them…

  2. they certainly are in my law centre (both committed and worn out) – i don’t include myself in that as i just volunteer, but it’s been really great for me to be able to work with them, and do a lot for clients who need our help.

    • What do you mean you ‘just’ volunteer? You do what they do without even being paid peanuts. Don’t do yourself down! Law Centres wouldn’t survive without volunteers.

  3. worry not! i’m happy with my own efforts, but i have to suffer the chaos and lack of resources only one or two days a week; they are there every day and my ability to put food on my own table doesn’t depend on it, whereas they operate in the shadow of continuing threat of closure and redundancy. as you say, with a bit of luck those of us volunteering may manage to be a part of keeping them going… just.

    the precarious nature of these valuable resources is scary – and a scandal.

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