Scandalous Conduct (allegedly)

The legal world in the US just seems so much more exciting than over here…See: Nevada Supreme Court Issues Opinion: Judge Halverson is Back « Dreadnaught. but on balance I’m fairly sure I’d rather be here where the most scandalous allegations to touch the legal community are isolated examples of a judge sleeping with and being blackmailed by an illegally employed cleaner and a High Court Judge apparently losing the wood for the trees. Its a source of some personal regret, but Judge John Deed is most definitely not documentary.

Who knows which of these sordid little stories is actually true, but even the allegations over here are decidedly pale in comparison with the gems which emerge from over the water.

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    The transcripts of the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline closed door hearing resulting in Judge Elizabeth Halverson’s interim suspension have been unsealed by the Nevada Supreme Court and are available through the below links.

    Some highlights:

    • Former Halverson bailiff Johnny Jordan testified that Judge Halverson ordered him to “shoot” her husband “Ed”, promising that she “would dispose of the body”.

    • A Clarke County (Las Vegas) prosecutor testified that when she learned, after the fact, that the judge had a lengthy question and answer session, alone with a jury deliberating a child molestation case she “Wanted to throw up.” In the same trial the prosecutor observed Halverson sleeping on the bench while a witness was testifying.

    • It was revealed that when dinning secretly and improperly with deliberating jurors Judge Halverson favored barbequed ribs and Italian food. (And no doubt lots of it.)


    Transcript of Proceedings (Volume 1)

    Transcript of Proceedings (Part 1 of Volume 2)

    Transcript of Proceedings (Part 2 of Volume 2)

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