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Its an oldie but a goodie – periodically to review my traffic stats to see what people are searching for in order to land at the door of this blog….here are a few of the best this month:

alien landings june 2008 – haven’t seen ’em

il y a rien – i know naaaaathing

lurcher – wolfhound?

what about absent mothers? – what about them?

cafcass dog – o-KAY, not sure what to say about this one – someone not hit it off with the reporting officer?

the pink family drugs – someone looking for dirt on the pink family?

speed dating lacks men – it’s over quicker that way

i hate men and women should rule the world – (we do – but ssshhh don’t tell anyone)

“stone & rolls” – moss & gathers? someone teach that person how to do a boolean search….

and that trusty old favourite:

i’m going out to eat worms

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