Setting Aside Adoption Orders

The judgment of the Court of Appeal in the Webster v Norfolk adoption saga is available here. A very sad case. The judgment is very long, but in essence the Court of Appeal has held that the adoption orders cannot be set aside and there is no purpose in reopening the findings made against Mr and Mrs Webster in 2004 since their youngest child remains living with them.

PS Can somebody tell me if I’m losing my marbles slightly – paragraph 189 of the judgment of Lord Justice Wall contains the word ‘unexceptionable’ which I’m pretty sure is NOT a word. Although the Court of Appeal has many inherent powers I’m not sure that creating new words is one of them…

3 thoughts on “Setting Aside Adoption Orders

  1. Also have to wonder about “timeously”, para 82.

  2. I bet Wall LJ always wins at Scrabble!

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