Sign of The Times

Dear Sir,

I would like to apologise for ”avin’ a GO’ at your esteemed publication. It may be thought unfair that I am so often critical of articles prepared by journalists writing for your newspaper, but you should draw comfort from the fact that my repeat lambasting is evidence only of my continued and regular purchase and perusal of The Times. No other newspaper receives such a backhanded compliment from this blog, and no other newspaper provides me with such interesting source material about which to blog (for, although The Guardian is my preferred read it less often contains material of direct relevance to the Pinktape blog). For the avoidance of doubt, I pride myself on griping and complaining without fear or favour, and upon fair and balanced distribution of grumbling and nitpicking.

Yours with love


One thought on “Sign of The Times

  1. What has The Times ever done to upset you? I can’t imagine…

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