Solicitors From Hell Feel The Burn

One of the unfortunate solicitors the subject to derogatory comment on Solicitors from Hell has succeeded in securing an interim injunction to prevent publication of the material on the site reports the Telegraph (h/t half of twitter). This appears to be the second defamation related action directed at the site (at least), and I wonder how many more will come out of the woodwork before the site goes down in flames?

2 thoughts on “Solicitors From Hell Feel The Burn

  1. I’ve noticed a number of similar unpleasant sites pop up recently. I have no problem with freedom of speech but these sights are really quite threatening and violent, and could cause unjust harm to peoples’ reputations without any tested evidence at all.

    Probably the sites are composed by an unfortunate failed litigant who failed to differentiate between a strong moral case and a strong legal case, ignored all the negative advice and got slammed with a massive costs order. Then blamed the people who tried to warn him. That, or someone who got screwed over ancillary relief. Creepy.

  2. That’s 4 now, I think.

    Scott Eason

    Someone at Bhatt Murphy

    Mark Campbell

    and this latest one.

    Each time Kordowski folded when challenged, although the successful injunction application should surely come with a costs award.

    Kordowski’s demands for money to remove entries are basically extortion. Note his response when asked to remove the Campbell listing:
    ‘At 4pm today I will circulate this listing even wider on the internet, the national press and the BBC as a warning to the public about the conduct of your client and the firm he works for.’

    While there is no reason that solicitors should be able to avoid complaints about bad service, that is not what is going on at SFH. Kordowski is clearly unprincipled, the site puts up any unchecked allegation, and it should go down. [Disclaimer – I’m not on it, so no personal axe to grind].

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