Okay, I admit it. I can’t spell practise / practice.

Do I practiSe the piano and practiCe law??? Or is it the other way round?

Its embarrassing but I cannot get my tiny mind to remember, no matter what I do. My brain is full of other more important things. But can someone help me out? What is the correct spelling and how can I remember it (you are dealing here with a person who still has to recite ‘Naughty Elephants Squirt Water’ when deciding which way to get on the motorway)??

4 thoughts on “Sp????

  1. Think practice = noun (one has a practice as a lawyer) and practise = verb ( I am practising law).

    Does that help? probably not.

  2. Oh GOD I’m being pointed in the direction of GCSE support pages! The SHAME. I’m the world’s biggest spelling and grammar pedant, always pointing out other people’s mistakes, but this is just one of those I CAN’T remember. The noun v verb thing might help though…

  3. Hi Familoo

    1) you practise in your practice
    2) although it shouldn’t, s comes before c

    Hope this helps


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