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Jacqui G has included me in her top ten law blogs (I will not call them blawgs – ick). Thanks Jacqui. So I guess I’d better join in and pass the buck to someone else…It’s been quite good fun finding some of these.

Here then is my top ten (in no particular order). Some are family related, others more generally legal. And some are ‘legal’ only by virtue of the fact that their author is a lawyer…:

bloody relations – a blog from another family barrister who I pass in assorted county courts from time to time…lots of interesting and funny information on her blog about family law and news.

Clarendon Family Law Team blog – much as it irks me to publicise another set of barrister’s chambers I say ‘good on ’em’ for recognising the ‘POWER OF THE BLOG’ (star wars voice) as a marketing tool. Hadn’t seen this blog until trawling for my top ten today but its actually a really good resource which I will not hesitate to call upon in future. Thanks v much Clarendon.

Family Lore – topical, funny and useful family oriented stuff from John Bolch.

Divorce Solicitor – because lawyers are human beans too…

Ruthie’s Law – found this one today. Made me laugh.

Liadnan – a random assortment of mostly not-legal stuff from a rather charismatic sounding lawyer

GeekLawyer – good god. a lawyer who swears. I think this bloody top ten thing might be his bright idea…

Head of Legal – a legal blog with its beady eye firmly on the newspapers

FeministLawProfs – rather interesting blog, and a little different from the others in my list (but I gotta say – in answer to the post which considers the possibility that the phrase ‘what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’ might be gendered – they’re all birds innit (excuse pun)? Or possibly the more appropriate response would be that in its application it is not gender specific even though (plainly) geese do come in different sexes. It is a phrase whose essential meaning is rooted in the idea of SAMENESS not DIFFERENCE…)

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Law Blogs

  1. “And some are ‘legal’ only by virtue of the fact that their author is a lawyer”

    I’m going to make a guess who you are talking about 😉

    surprised you didn’t add John Bolch’s Familiy Lore blog. Added you to my blogrole

  2. Family Lore IS on my list…
    thanx for adding me to your blogroll…i guess i need to update mine when i have a mo…

  3. Happy though I am to blame Geeklawyer for most of the evils in the world, this meme wasn’t his doing, but rather started by the US based Blawgreview.

    I’m smugly going to point out that you were in my version of the top ten before that of Bloody Relations (and Jacqui G was also in mine):

    I liked your blog very much after finding it via John Bolch and it is certainly one of the very good Family law blogs around now. Alas I plough a more lonely furrow in housing.

    Does give you a way of checking your inbound links? It’s an interesting way to find out who is reading your blog, if dangerous for the even remotely obsessive character.

  4. Hi Nearly Legal – I feel bad now for not putting you in my top ten…I had actually seen that you put me in your top ten (Thanks) but I think I was in the middle of something else when I read it and then promptly forgot all about it…doh.
    Yes I can see some inbound links, but I think only those which are on a blogroll…you’re right, I’m already completely obsessed with it.

  5. Good Heavens, don’t feel bad. I certainly wasn’t looking for the mutual listing yuckiness, just mentioning that you’d already been tagged 😉

    I think the interesting thing about a ‘top 10 at this moment’ exercise like this is the ones that appear in people’s lists beyond the usual suspects. I hadn’t seen feminist law profs, for instance, which is now on my usual reading list. I tried to broaden things a bit in mine, on the basis that the Geeklawyers and Conflict of Laws and of this world were already on plenty of lists and obviously good and well known. I wish I’d found space for Head of Legal, though. It was going through a quiet spell at the time…

    As for blogrolls, hint hint?

  6. consider yourself blogrolled

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