TRIIIII-O TRI-I-I-O (I wan go home)

Further to my previous 2 posts on legal aid reform in family cases which are here and here the Family Law Bar Association has issued the following press release:

Family barristers voice concerns over impact on women of cuts in legal help for vulnerable families and children

Government plans to cut legal help for vulnerable families and children have been greeted with concern by family barristers. The proposals are likely to impact on women trying to secure financial support for themselves and their children from ex-husbands who seek to hide assets.

Moves announced today by the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Services Commission will reduce the amount of support available to fund specialist advisers; specialists who provide support in the most severe cases of family breakdown.

Lucy Theis QC, Chairman of the Family Law Bar Association, said:

“Today’s cuts are just the latest in a series of funding cuts that put vulnerable women and children most at risk. These cuts are being made against the backdrop of deep public anxiety caused by cases like Baby P. It is in relation to cases such as this that the Government is making cuts in funding.  As a result women and children will be put at increased risk“

These latest reductions will hit vulnerable women hardest. The Government has imposed cuts of up to 55% without any assessment of the impact they will have on vulnerable women or on providers of such specialist representation.  Where a wife is seeking financial provision for herself and her children, the consequence of these cuts will be financial hardship.  These cuts will result in the inability of wives to secure proper financial provision from a husband determined to hide assets.

“By reducing the support available in this area, the Government is making this area of practice less attractive for prospective barristers. These lawyers will migrate to other areas of law. This will deny vulnerable families and children the effective access to justice they so desperately need.”

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