two loos

two reasons for pointing you in the direction of this blog and specifically this post: firstly its a really interesting but tragic post about a 10 year old child bride taking herself off to court to obtain a divorce from the husband who repeatedly raped her (and an interesting blog generally from the looks of things). And on a lighter note because this is the blog of the other Lucy Reed, lawyer. Somehow I’m thinking her legal life is oh so much more Ally McBeal / LA Law etc etc than Edmonton county court on a wet Monday.

(yes I did find this whilst googling my own name, but in my defence its only because I’m bored sitting here being stood up by CharonQC)

3 thoughts on “two loos

  1. That’s very pink!

    It is amazing how often adversity motivates children and young people to go on and do great things.

  2. Mea culpa… I did email to explain – BUT – we shall meet in podcast land. I’m looking forward to doing the podcast with you!

  3. and so you did charon. hurt your finger opening a bottle of chianti i understand… 😉

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