really REALLY want to know – who IS it that is reading this Blog? Are you barristers, solicitors, wannabee lawyers, parents involved in the family justice system, generalised web addicts, insomniacs??? Just an interesting little experiment to see how many of you will comment on this post telling me who my readership are…I seem to remember in radio they say you are doing well if you get one phonecall for every 500 listeners in a phone-in, so I’m guessing I won’t get many responses – but maybe the blogosphere works differently and you will all feel compelled to post a little comment and say hi…and then I will feel loved and appreciated.

18 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU?

  1. I’m here.. reading… and enjoying…. Like you… I’m also on Twitter!

    Keep going and keep smiling!

  2. I am a new student to law and as they say hmmmm well a mature one. I run a business at the same time as doing a full time law degree…yuk!…..so I am a frazzled reader trying to keep up to speed with all things legal

  3. Hi! Last time I looked, I was a solicitor…

  4. I am on the BVC… I have recently discovered your blog. I doubt that I will ever end up doing family law. I do however enjoy reading your posts and I hope I am expanding my knowledge on different areas of law (and the realities of life as a barrister!).

    Well you may have 500 readers now and I hope that you feel loved and appreciated now! 🙂

  5. Well I am reading it and appreciating it as a fellow family law barrister. Also specifically recommended your post on the proposed fee levels to two family law solicitors today and will email them the link!
    Jacquig xx

  6. Me = Housing solicitor and fervent law blogger.

    I hope you get some good responses to this, but my experience is that I mostly tend to find out who reads my (now our) blog through people who mention it to me in conversation, not knowing who runs it. Few people ‘uncloak’ on the site.

    I hear about some readers through rumour and email, but the commentors on the blog always come as a surprise – they have apparently been reading for a while but one has no way of knowing.

    So, I suspect you’d be surprised at who reads Pink Tape. I’d be pretty sure you have a larger readership from the bar than you might imagine, for starters.

  7. Pinky, Well I read your blog, and even have it listed on my blogroll. Not sure that I agree with everything you say, but hey, thats life eh? Currently on the BVC and although I know heaps about family Law as a irritating McKenzie Friend, I don’t want to do it when I grow up and am in the big world. (If I ever get that far of course)

  8. hi I am a new social worker . lkie to know more about what is happening.

  9. I am a BVC graduate STILL trying to get a family law pupillage. I failed miserably at my last round of interviews as my knowledge of current developments in family law was rather lacking, to say the least.
    Thanks to your great blog (which I check daily), I now feel much more confident about discussing the issues of the day in family law related matters, so a BIG THANK YOU!!!

  10. Lecturer in law at a university… have been lurking for many months now

  11. I read your blog. I simply like your writing!

  12. Nice to meet you all. Good to know who I’m talking to…

  13. Costsdraftsman – who does a lot of care files!

  14. I’m a solicitor – 10 years PQE in family law. I lurk more than I comment, but I find it an interesting perspective. i probably agree with more than I disagree with, reading the blog.

    I tend to check in about one a week.

  15. Divorced engineer and a big fan.

  16. I’m a parent trying to find out where I stand after my sister in laws repeated calls to social services, police and anyone else she can “get at me” with finally added an extra burden to my life. Spite is one thing but official blindness is something new.

  17. QC in general civil practice, and like your last commenter Fiona far away in Scotland. I’m also another Sadish theme fan! I agree with Nearly Legal, and I think you’re doing pretty well to get so many comments.

    Pardon me if you have all these already, but have you looked at the Google Analytics for WordPress and Feedburner Feedsmith plugins, and also awstats or webalizer which are offered by many hosts; or statcounter at http://www.statcounter.com/ (you can put the code into your footer.php file) , which does however feel slightly like stalking (so I no longer use it). I offer an email feed (via feedburner and a widget in the sidebar), which gives me half a dozen out-of-office replies to every post- I think this is worth doing as most lawyers still can’t use RSS or even know what it is.

    You’ll get a rough picture of your comparative traffic with the Alexa toolbar at http://www.alexa.com/site/download/ , and Alexa also tells you who’s linking to you.

    Best wishes.

  18. mainly family barrister ex solicitor, have a looksee every now and then se whats going on, thanks

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