Just back from a 3 mile run. I feel great. Very pleased to have achieved that – now I only have to work up another 10 miles on that achievement to make it round the course!…I also now know I run better after eating – went out at 9.30pm tonight (very peaceful) a couple of hours after a light-ish dinner – far more whizz than going out first thing on an empty stomach.

Hopefully going back to work next week will help me burn more calories and shed weight which should make things get easier – or maybe it will just mean I can’t find time to run and snack on junk food on the run…?

Pilates again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “wowzer

  1. If you need any help/advice/support with your training, please feel free to contact me through my blog.

    Best wishes,


  2. thanks simon. judging from your blog your sights are set slightly higher than mine! Good luck.

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