Your Cheatin’ Heart

It’s a cheat I know, but look I’m busy moving house so I need a couple of easy posts…Bear with me. Normal service will be restored after the New Year. It may seem unlikely in these times of doom and stagnation, but we have (finally) managed to sell our house and cobble together the funds to buy another. And yes, we will be celebrating Christmas this year in traditional fashion by unpacking as many boxes as we can – the removal men are dumping our stuff on Christmas Eve. We think they’ll be using the traditional diesel powered lorry as the reindeer are all booked up…


So, back to the post…What mildly entertaining searches have led people to Pink Tape recently?


a residence order has been broken – no surprises there then.

responsible parent proof court – ambitious but well intentioned.

pink stools – what happens when you eat too much candy floss?

what does an usher shout in a court – the answers are many and various and possibly unprintable

shout court usher – see above

fuse together lawyers and barristers – sounds uncomfortable

the barristers cat – she will be pleased to know you are thinking of her

do barristers have high divorce rates  – interesting question. we’re a pretty dysfunctional lot, but also know how awful divorce is.

and finally…

are many people googling baby p – in answer yes. in the last month 6 times as many searches for baby p drove people to this blog as for the next nearest search (which was ‘pink tape’).

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