Secular Extremists Infiltrate CPS?

I came across an article today whilst sitting twiddling my thumbs on a train platform, in which it is reported that Douglas Carswell (apparently a UKIP MP) has criticised the CPS for being run by “secular extremists” who are “masquerading as objective” in preventing the private prosecution of two doctors in what has been called a “gender abortion” case. Except it is not quite as straightforward as it at first appears. My first reaction was to seek out what the CPS had to say about this, as typically the Telegraph do not link to the source material. I wish they would.
You can read the Telegraph article here : Gender abortion case shows CPS run by secular extremists says MP.
I’m not going to comment on this but I did think it would be useful to link to the CPS position on this, as set out at length and in detail in their recent press release (here), and in the full reasons for declining to take prosecutions when the matter was first looked at by Keir Starmer, then DPP at the time (here).
You can make your own minds up. I would not wish to be accused of masquerading as objective. Masquerading as competent and literate is enough for this bunny to juggle.

Ooh! Some research on LiPs! Finally!

Yes, the long awaited research on LiPs is here. I’ve browsed my way through to page fifty eight of two hundred and summink, so I can’t give you chapter and verse yet, but it IS very interesting and so far paints a picture that I recognise (although I think I am blessed to be in a court where the counter staff and ushers are pretty helpful and proactive and the signposting relatively good).

This is pre-LASPO research, carried out in the first quarter of 2013, before the cuts bit. It is intended to provide some kind of bench mark against which to measure changes in future. So far it seems that we were starting from a bit of a low point as far as access to justice for LiPs is concerned. And it can’t have got better even if courts and judges are adapting somewhat to meet the needs of a changing service user population.

More anon…

Oh. PS Here’s the link to the research :  Litigants in Person in Private Family Law Cases (Liz Trinder, Rosemary Hunter, Emma Hitchings, Joanna Miles, Richard Moorhead, Leanne Smith, Mark Sefton, Victoria Hinchly, Kay Bader and Julia Pearce).

Thin Gravy

The latest installment of a case in which I have been involved is out. You may know it as Q v Q (although it isn’t). The judgment can be found here : C (A Child) (No 2) [2014] EWFC 44 (21 November 2014). As it is a case in which I am involved and which is ongoing I’m not going to comment on the actual case itself.

However – as is the fashion – I will give you a couple of pieces of information, without comment.

You can see from the judgment that Julien Foster, counsel for the Father, acted on his behalf for nothing as have other barristers before him. What you might not know (unless you are someone who does this sort of work) is that I will bill the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) a fixed fee of £206.87 for that hearing, including preparation of the skeleton argument (part of which is set out in the annex) and travel time from Bristol to London and back. I usually take home about 50p in the pound by rule of thumb, taking into account overheads etc. If the LAA decide to quibble over my train fare you can knock £60 or so off that figure.