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This week has been a bit full on – a heady mix of trips to London for important stuff with interesting people, and children who keep leaking from one end or the other, both unexpectedly and in memorable ways and places. So if I may, I will simply hit and run, and signpost you on to those with time to say what I would have said if I had the time.

On the 5th April, The Transparency Project held a panel discussion at Gresham College, London. entitled ‘Reporting Family Courts – are we doing it justice?’. At that event we launched our Media Guide for journalists who are interested in reporting on such matters. It was, if I may say so myself, a blimmin’ good evening and I’m really pleased we had the cojones to put it on. The panel* and chair were fandabbydozy. And I don’t say that lightly.

So far the event has been written up by Penelope Gibbs of Transform Justice here :

How to increase trust in the family justice system

and by Michael Cross for the Law Society Gazette here :

Family courts: reporting a greater truth

[Update : also see here from ICLR : Event: Reporting the family courts?—?are we doing it justice?

And This week in fostering blog : Family Court report: could do better]

There were some other super journalisty types there, so I’m hoping that some of them will also write something in due course, but we’ll have to wait and see – what is interesting to me is not always it seems the stuff of good headlines…

Some of the tweets from the night have also been storified here.

There will be a recording of the event posted online in due course, at The Transparency Project.


* I was on the panel, but I’m not referring to me, I’m just pleased I didn’t accidentally swear, fall off my seat or put my foot in my mouth.

Child Protection Conference III – Consolidation

The Transparency Project is pleased to offer its support for the third multi-disciplinary Child Protection Conference to be held at the University of the West of England on June 9th.

Previous events have asked the questions – is the child protection system fit for purpose? And if not, what can we do about it?

The event of June 9th will look at ‘consolidation’ – what have we been able to achieve since our first event in 2015? What more do we need to do?

Speakers will include Dr Lauren Devine, Lucy Reed, Surviving Safeguarding and Sarah Phillimore.

Please visit the Transparency Project site for more details about timetable and speakers.

Tickets are £32.45 to cover catering, printing costs and the EventBrite fee.

There will be 10 FREE tickets available for those in financial hardship, please contact

Any profit made from the event will be donated to the Transparency Project


You can buy your ticket via Eventbrite here.

Reporting the Family Courts – Are we doing it justice?

STOP! Don’t answer that question….well, not yet anyway. Come to The Transparency Project’s debate on the topic on 5 April, with a super line up of esteemed persons (and myself) – and tell us what you think then. Details below.

I warn you, I hit publish on the event last night and within less than 24 hours almost half the tix have been snaffled, so get yours now while stocks last! (should I have booked a bigger room?)…

Reporting the Family Courts – Are we doing it justice?

A collaborative discussion between those working in and reporting on the family justice system

This event, hosted by The Transparency Project to coincide with the publication of our Media Guide for journalists, aims to promote cross-silo discussion about the reporting of family courts and how we might improve it.

  • What are the barriers to good reporting?
  • What are the risks to vulnerable children or adults?
  • What does good practice (for lawyers, social workers, judges and journalists) look like?
  • How can the family courts and professionals in family justice work collaboratively with the media to enable public debate whilst protecting privacy?

The event will be chaired by Jo Delahunty QC, Gresham Professor of Law, and will take the format of a panel discussion followed by questions and contributions from the floor. Panellists will include :

The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jackson 

Sanchia Berg (BBC)

Brian Farmer (Press Association)

Dave Hill (immediate past Chair Association of Directors of Children’s Services)

Will Moy (Director, Full Fact)

Gill Phillips (Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian News & Media)

Lucy Reed (Barrister, Chair The Transparency Project)

Debbie Singleton (Co-Chair, Association of Lawyers for Children)

I know, right? It’s gonna be so ACE! Here’s the link for booking your ticket : BOOK ME BABY!