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  1. SO their plans as always are just freaking smokescreens, if the Courts and Social Workers and other “Professionals” inclusive of Judges have nothing to hide then the Courts should be opened to the media Et Al, they could do what they usually do in the High Court aka use an intial or number or combo, there is no real reason to keep the Courts as private as they are unless it is to keep themselves in the money and to carry on abusing Babies by removing them from innocent parents on the pretext of “Risk Of Emotional Abuse” which is not even in Law as you and I well know so should not even be allowed anywhere near a Court, fact, and the other this is basically to cover their own asses “The Best Interests Of The Child” which is abused every freaking day so that these Judges can live in their country manors (I have a list of all the High Court Judges Addresses so checked) and in the Social Workers cases its so they get their big bonuses near Christmas, so a nice drinking session (check FaceBook, they have loads of pics of them drinking on there) and that new car or whatever they so wanted for the year before but could not afford because they did not have the bonuses at that point.

    Best laugh is that if a parent has so much as one drink then they are seen as alcoholics so what would that make the Social Workers in question? If the Social Services are wanted to get the bonuses then they should do it off the kids that are been abused, because while they are going for the newborns that are not been abused the likes of Baby P and Victoria are happening, but then to be fair who would want to buy damaged goods? maybe if they were desperate enough aka tried IVF and failed for the 10th time then they would as any child is wanted then, but otherwise it is blow it we want a baby, we are not to worried about if the Social Services have lied to us or not about the parents as long as we can have a child, we don’t care about the consequence to the biological parents because it is not us because we have got what we want.

    thanks as always,


  2. Editing 2 pieces, naughty Ms Pink Tape, only was been honest, to best of my knowledge the people in question are in public domain so can be placed anywhere, so no breach of any laws,

    And I only put ideas forward, granted Maybe I should not have put about the addresses I have or searching FB for certain people that drink on bonuses but it was still the truth. damn!!


    • Colby you can publish what you like elsewhere but I don’t have the time to verify whether or not the tabloids have published material they should not have done, so I take a cautious approach.

  3. Northern Lights

    Jesus wept…….

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