Family Procedure Rules 2010 – Revised

I posted a couple of things on the blog as the rules were hot off the press, and when the PDs first began to emerge like crocuses on a lawn. I was candid at the time that these were just first impressions, a roughing out of what the new season would look like. Well time passes, and I’ve had some time to reflect on the rules in more detail (rather made a rod for my own back by being the first member of chambers to be remotely up to speed and landed myself with the job of FPR seminar deliverer). I had wanted to post some detailed thoughts on them but there are many many other things going on in my life all of which have a deadline of today or tomorrow or Monday and so I’m simply going to make available my seminar notes. They are also not a complete guide to the rules (they were the notes to my half of a 1 1/2 hr seminar after all), but they probably add something to the hasty posts of yore.

I would say “Enjoy!” – but you won’t. It’s not entertaining reading. If it makes you feel better about 5 out of 70 solicitors attending the seminars I gave had read the rules before attending. If you’re feeling clueless you will not be alone on 6 April, ostracised on the steps of the court.

Click for notes: family procedure rules 2010

EDIT: Some people are having problems opening the file, so try this PDF VERSION instead. (I suspect it is because you have an old version of word).


PS See this post for a little bit more information in light of the subsequent implementation of a related SI.

9 thoughts on “Family Procedure Rules 2010 – Revised

  1. Thanks
    Any chance of a CPD Point if 1 read them. 🙂

  2. Yes, we can claim unaccredited CPD hours, too. I have glanced at the new rules but I think I shall read your notes too.

  3. Thank you so much!

    Know what I’ll be reading tonight!

  4. […] at Stowe Family Law. We are very grateful to him. Over at Pink Tape, Lucy Reed has made her seminar notes available and plans to post some detailed thoughts […]

  5. The new forms and practice directions on now on the court service / Justice web site(s)

    Forms –

    Practice Directions –

    • Thanks. The new Justice website looks rather lovely, although when I looked last night it seemed to be all the old forms that were available. Perhaps they’ve been updated overnight?

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