Judge Judge Judges

The LCJ shares his views on the family justice system with the Justice Committee. I don’t have the energy to deconstruct this one – it’s been a shockingly tiresome day (don’t get me started on that). May I be so bold as to summarise my thoughts thus: gross oversimplification of the issues. Separate out the cases where there are “no allegations of child abuse”? Ok, so in fact that probably reduces the total number of cases by about 0.5%. Brilliant. Problem solved. We could practically pay back the deficit with the scale of savings made there.

I think I got out of the wrong side of bed. I had better go back to it before I get proper mardy.

4 thoughts on “Judge Judge Judges

  1. Perhaps he has been misquoted/selectively quoted … it is difficult to believe that this was all that was said.

  2. All part of the urban myth that the courts are full of cases where nobody has tried to resolve them and just waltzed in to do battle…

  3. […] previously reported the Lord Chief Justice has used his testimony to the Justice Committee to call for reform of the […]

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