Legal Emissions

Public buildings are some of the biggest culprits in terms of carbon emissions according to a government survey reported this week. Amongst the notable offenders is the Royal Courts of Justice, which is in some respects surprising given how icy cold it always seems to be in the court rooms there (I have many memories of a gradual upward rise of petrification as a pupil sitting in the back of a Queen’s Building courtroom, toes, to calves, to knees and bum…slowly freezing to the seat). Notwithstanding the obvious difficulty heating such a fantastic but high-ceilinged and draughty building, I wonder if the figures have been adjusted for the great quantities of hot air emitted by the advocates who sweep up and down the corridors and in and out of the court rooms in their woollen gowns and wigs? Being up on ones feet and talking is the only way to keep warm in the damned place.

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