3 thoughts on “Potter Mouth

  1. Elliott Lancaster

    He makes perfect sense. A very good piece I thought. Shame there wasn’t a response from the new Lord Chancellor about his views.

    A creaking, over-burdened court system crumbling around the ears of the bench, legal aid deserts resulting in a rising number of litigants in person and vulnerable children & adults being put at risk. This is New Labour’s legacy.

  2. It’s always been the same though. It’s because of too many “care proceedings going through since Baby Peter”. Over cautious L.A taking the low risk cases against the very high risk cases to the family courts. Did you know that not 168 children have been abused and neglected since Baby P, BUT THE REAL NUMBER IS CLOSER TO 400. That includes the children also in care dying as well. (The two children jumping off the Bridge in Scotland) and the abuses that take place but hushed up.

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