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As per usual I’ve hidden away a few items of interest in assorted locations, in inboxes and notes to self across my various devices – flagged and then forgotten.

And this rainy Sunday evening seemed like a good time to sort them out and tick them off my list. I’ve already conquered my hangover by an epic sorting out of the tupperware mountain that lurks in the deepest corners of my (formerly) disgustingly dirty kitchen cupboards. And I feel quite virtuous as a result. Far more constructive use of time than waving a plastic flag at the telly.

First up is Legal Liberal, who writes about a recent Supreme Court decision arising out of a family dispute, and more particularly about What the Supreme Court Didn’t Say.

Next is the transcript of the recent Westminster debate on family courts (h/t @thesmallplaces). Most interesting is Jonathan Djanogly’s bit, where he sets out a list of radical changes that will fix the broken family justice system (all of which have a familiar ring to them on account of having been implemented before), describes the new data management system in public law cases and tells us we really don’t need to worry about a surge in litigants in person – it’ll be FINE – relax!

And finally, a rather depressing post concerning a rather depressing judgment telling us what we all probably knew about the difficulties with prior authority and funding just about anything. Thanks @suesspiciousmin, that really cheered us up.

Rainy evening. Gloomy days.

Still, never mind. The Queen’s got a shiny barge.

3 thoughts on “Jubilee free blog post

  1. Discombobulated

    Kitchen cupboards are a pet hate of mine. I pretend they’re self-cleaning. They are, aren’t they?!

    I can’t be arsed with all this Jubilee business – but the 4 days off is a rare treat indeed – so much so – I ain’t touching ANY kitchen jobs; life is just too short.

    • I moved on to weeding today. Better? (don’t tell anyone but I also went to a fete and let the 4 y/o get union jack face paint (his US pop not pleased!)).

  2. Discombobulated

    Weeding – bad. Face painting – good.

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