Shock News – Family Justice System Stretched to Breaking Point

Thanks to Family Law Week for alerting me to this judgment of Thorpe LJ in which the court considered the proper husbanding of limited resources in determining the way forward in a contact case. It was in the course of that judgment last year that Thorpe LJ remarked that the family justice system was ‘stretched to breaking point’. In that case a fact finding hearing would have served no purpose and therefore the court refused to direct that such a hearing should take place. Full judgment to appear on FLW website shortly we are told.

3 thoughts on “Shock News – Family Justice System Stretched to Breaking Point

  1. Elliott Lancaster

    I wanted to pose a question to all those who read this from the family bar & this seemed like the most appropriate post to put it under……

    is anyone else out there having real problems with LSC payments at the moment?


    • Well I am, although it’s hard to distinguish the effects of my maternity leave related drop in billing from slow payment. However I know there have been some weeks around and after Easter when the LSC failed to process and pay grad fees. I understand it’s got so bad for solicitors the CEO of the law society has written to the banks to ask them to cut some slack. Maybe they could write to me ‘relationship manager’, our ‘relationship’ is a little strained!

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