Social Media As Evidence

Most often experienced in family law in all its excruciating banality in the form of facebook mudslinging between exes, this post from Justin McShane reminds us that what we post online can be incriminating in oh so many ways. Be careful what you post. It may just come back to haunt you…Being tagged by a friend in a compromising photo could lead to you being tagged in an altogether more physical sense…

3 thoughts on “Social Media As Evidence

  1. It’s happened in the UK already (in a case in which I appeared):

    Moral: don’t claim to have suffered £1m-worth of psychiatric damage which you say renders you unable to lead a normal social life, simultaneously with posting photographs of yourself at a “pants-off dance-off party” (whatever that is – all Counsel at this juncture realised that they were older than they thought).

  2. Thank you for picking up on my thought. Spread the word. What you write in cyberspace can last forever whether you like it or not.

    -Justin J McShane, Esquire-Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

  3. I hope it certainly does ,just gives me the incentive to carry on writing see you back in court then.

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