To CAP it all off…

[NEWSFLASH!! I now have word versions sent from the court, so we can count these as official. Herewith:





I’m NOT NOT NOT going to rant about the rubbish media coverage of the Single Family Court today. *grumpyface*

I am simply going to assist the court in furthering the overriding objective (free and gratis) by making the CAP forms available, since nobody appears to be able to find them online. *sardonic grin*

After all, we wouldn’t want the transition to be anything less than seamless….

CAP01 (Directions on allocation / gatekeeping)

CAP02 (Order at FHDRA* / Directions)

CAP03 (Order at DRA**)

CAP04 (Final order)

You’re welcome, Single Family Court. *martyr face*

NB : It is possible that these documents are working drafts, which accounts for the fact nobody has been able to locate them online – if I find that to be the case I will update this post. They should be a useful working tool for those in court in the meantime (although not as useful as if they were in .doc format and we could actually edit them for drafting purposes!).

* first hearing dispute resolution appointment

** dispute resolution appointment

8 thoughts on “To CAP it all off…

  1. Thanks for this. Crazy that they are so hard to find and not in a format we can work with at court though doubtless we are expected to use them.

  2. Thank you. Been searching for these all morning!

  3. Thanks Lucy, I have been directing Counsel and Judges to your site all day!

  4. Steven Barratt

    Thank you for this link I have shared these with my colleagues, none of us had found them elsewhere.

  5. My thanks, lots of looking and little finding

  6. Steven Barratt

    Thanks again. Unfortunately the link to the word doc CAP01 opens a CAP04 form

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