News in inverted commas

So, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Police have concluded in a report that Police responses to domestic violence are patchy. This is news? We all know that the range of responses to dv ranges wildly from the enlightened, responsive and professional to…well…not that at all.

For those of you who would like to read the actual report, rather than just the BBC or press coverage of the report and people’s responses to it – you can find it here.

Sadly, it took me so long to track down the blimping thing on the gargantuan “clean themed” but utterly opaque behemoth of a website (where it in fact was not located) that I have no time to read or comment upon the report, other than my single line off the cuff snark about the not-very-newsiness of this particular finding.

I am certain however that a certain tranche of loyal readers and regular commenters will freely express their views in illuminating ways through the comments function…Over to you lot. Because *Newsflash* some of us have work to do.

4 thoughts on “News in inverted commas

  1. This report is HMIC acting as a mouth piece for Women’s Aid and Refuge. It was coordinated by Women’s Aid and all the DV victims for the focus groups came from Women’s Aid. The list of questions asked was provided by Women’s Aid, …

    This report may as well have come directly from Women’s Aid.

  2. If you were a police officer and time and again you found that complainants did not show at court, phones off, not at home even if you have time to go and check – you might just possibly and unconsciously treat such cases as less important than they really are . . .

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