Secular Extremists Infiltrate CPS?

I came across an article today whilst sitting twiddling my thumbs on a train platform, in which it is reported that Douglas Carswell (apparently a UKIP MP) has criticised the CPS for being run by “secular extremists” who are “masquerading as objective” in preventing the private prosecution of two doctors in what has been called a “gender abortion” case. Except it is not quite as straightforward as it at first appears. My first reaction was to seek out what the CPS had to say about this, as typically the Telegraph do not link to the source material. I wish they would.
You can read the Telegraph article here : Gender abortion case shows CPS run by secular extremists says MP.
I’m not going to comment on this but I did think it would be useful to link to the CPS position on this, as set out at length and in detail in their recent press release (here), and in the full reasons for declining to take prosecutions when the matter was first looked at by Keir Starmer, then DPP at the time (here).
You can make your own minds up. I would not wish to be accused of masquerading as objective. Masquerading as competent and literate is enough for this bunny to juggle.

One thought on “Secular Extremists Infiltrate CPS?

  1. Very bad that the Telegraph article quotes the CPS explaining that they’d provided detailed written reasons but then not linking to those reasons.

    [I think that it would be justifiable for either Carswell or the Telegraph to critique those reasons and disagree with them, but to simply ignore their existence is not really on. The nasty unspoken assertion is that the CPS didn’t prosecute because the doctors involved had a particular ethnicity]

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