Shared Parenting Postponed

Don’t panic. It’s just a postponement of my post on the topic (although there may be a certain prescience in the title – I don’t think you’d get great odds on getting the shared parenting legislation through Parliament before the next General Election…). I was full of good intentions to finish my shared parenting blog post last night, but was hampered by being asleep by 7.30pm and not waking until 6.30am this morning (British Summer Time don’t ya know). And today I have been digging weeds for all my life is worth. Well, it its summer…Tonight is prep for tomorrow and I have a raft of committee meetings most evenings this week so…well…I aim to finish it before the clocks change again, hopefully thats not too ambitious a target.

In the meantime, here’s Zoe Saunders’ post on Shared Parenting in The Lawyer last week: Why the Government is wrong about shared parenting legislation.

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