Like a Bat outta Hell…

…I’ll be mildly hungover when the mornin comes….

Like a bat outta hell I’ll be the winner of the Jordans Family Law Best Readers’ Commentary Award when the mornin’ comes…

Like a bat outta hell I have won. Won. Won….


OK. That didn’t work.


But in the other words of Meat Loaf “Two out of three ain’t bad” (1 court case won, 2 Readers’ Commentary Award won, but 3 I am not the Most Innovative Family Lawyer of 2012).

It’s this creative weaving of popular culture into my “entertaining and informative” blog that won me the award y’know. 😉

Anyhoo. Congratulations to all the lovely winners and hugs for all the nearly winners. And thanks for all your lovely messages and congrats too. xx

Off to nurse a slightly sore head, courtesy of Jordans.

[UPDATE : Now with deranged photo]

8 thoughts on “Like a Bat outta Hell…

  1. Congratulations Lucy, richly deserved. Am delighted for you.

  2. Nice one Lucy.

    Much deserved.

    Well done!

  3. I’m very happpy for you. Congratulations.

  4. Thanks for all your positive comments. x

  5. Northern Lights

    Congrats, Lucy. Is that you in the photo?

  6. Congrats! Your making such a difference to so many families it’s inspirational!

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